Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Boardwalk...

Jonathan found a local signage company that specialise in neon signs...which it great! BUT - I'm now staring to feel the pressure on making my mind up on where to install...

The Boardwalk!!!

When its up there's no moving it!!!

The Boardwalk - retro signage parchase from Newark antiques market

Option 1 - Reception 1...above the sofa?

Option 2 - Reception 2...on the left hand side wall?

Option 3 - The Landing...running above and across the wall where my home office is? BUT - I really want have 2 industrial warehouse light fittings suspended above my desk.

Would The  Boardwalk + x2 industrial light fittings look TOO MUCH?

Image below - home office mood/inspiration for lighting x2