Thursday 31 May 2012


So - I'm looking at tile options for the en-suite...

I like this ( option A ) flat white tile.

And - this ( option B ) beveled edge tile.

Tiles will be going up onto the wall behide the basins.

BUT - which option should I go for?

I'm also thinking that I want plain frameless mirrors, as in the image above?

Mirrors will be cut to size, same width as the basin? And - the same length as the wall lights below?

These are the wall lights I LOVE!

I'm thinking 2 for each basin? one on either side of the mirror? They measure 160cm in length! Which means they will fill the space in from the top of the basin to the picture rail above.

As the tiles are cold and hard in the way they look and feel and the wall lights are industrial in design, I'm also thinking that I may need to soften/add texture with ornate cornicing - picture below?