Friday, 29 July 2011

Bedroom 5...

Bedroom 5/Jonathan dressing room...

Wall plastered, shelf brackets hidden + the addiction of scaffolding poles...

Bedroom 3...

Bedroom 3/My dressing room...

Wall plastered, shelf brackets hidden + the addiction of scaffolding poles...

Black radiator part 2...

The 2nd of the 2 radiator's that Milo the local car mechanic sprayed black has just arrived!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Remember this???

Yes - Its the recycled fire surround...

Just arrived back from the local car mechanic's after being sprayed white!

The fire insert has also being removed and the bricks at the back and side of the chimney breast have being restored...these will be painted black.

And the addiction of a NEW slate hearth 

Image below of it in it's original state!!!


Image below Mood/visual ref

Jonathan's dressingroom???

We are changing the use of bedroom 5 - into a dressing room for Jonathan...

( that was the plan )

BUT - i kind of like the way its starting to look...its not as big as the other bedroom we are converting into another dressing room for ME!!! 

I love the high ceilings - New ceiling rose and coving 

NEW ceiling rose and coving

NEW rad

New Floating shelf

Images below - Mood/visual ref


The staircase has being sanded and is half way though it's 1st coat of undercoat...ready to be painted Farrow and Ball pitch black.

Below is - Mood/visual ref 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Black Radiator's...

The 1st of the 2 black radiator's which a local car mechanic sprayed black for me was also delivered yesterday.

The black radiator's will be hung within reception 2 and bedroom 4 as walls are going to be painted Farrow and Ball pitch black.

Bedroom 3...

Bedroom 3 is starting to feel a little more like a dressing room with the addition of the NEW floating shelf 

The plaster has being removed from the wall and the shelf brackets added to the vertical frame work within

When completed the wall will be re-plastered to hide wall brackets so that the shelf has the elusion that it's floating.

Re-Stored fire places and surrounds....

3 of the 5 fires places have just being reinstalled - after weeks of restoration!

All the muck...filth and paint removed.

And i couldn't be any more happier with the end result.



Master bedroom

Reception 2

Friday, 15 July 2011

En-suite shower...

More progress with the en-suite shower, antique shower tap and antique shower head are now fitted!

Ceiling roses...

Hand made plaster ceiling roses going up...

Image above - bedroom 4 Tv room/libary

Image above - bedroom 2 - en suite

 image above - master bedroom

image above - reception 1

image above - bedroom 3 my dressingroom