Thursday, 11 July 2013

The 7 best home renovation blogs...

I was contacted by Rebecca Thienes from asking if they could use some images from the house, which I agreed to...Not - really thinking anything more about it until I saw the article.

( Did I just read that right!!! YOU SAY WHAT??? )

 I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Rebecca and everyone at 

I normally HATE surprises...BUT - this is one of a few that have turned out to be VERY nice!

Never did I think that such things would/could happen when I started this blog, which was stared for our own personal use for something to look back onto when/if we EVER finish the renovation work!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Reception 1 to do list...

I cant stop feeling like everything I'm doing is WRONG and I'm making too many mistakes, I haven't a Fluffing clue what I'm doing or where I'm going!!!

I'm not one of those interior designer folk that live and breath all of this...


There are only two areas in the house that I really like...My dressing room and Home Office, Is this because they look more finished than everywhere else?

I know this is a process I've got to get through...BUT - I'm SO over it at the moment!

Anyway - Because of how I'm feeling about things, I made a few purchases over the weekend to see if its going to help me get out this frame of mind and have pulled together some sort of TO DO LIST!

On my Reception 1 to do list...

1 - Re paint ceiling in Farrow & Ball Off black instead of the Pitch black we already have.

2 - Keep All White Farrow and Ball on walls and floor just freshen up.

3 - Ive just purchased this floor cushion in a petrol blue, medium in size as this room is crying out for texture among other stuff!

4 - Remove pineapple based lamp from the hospital trolly and replace with NEW lamp ( image below ).

5 - Also purchased at the weekend 2 of these jugs ( image below ) I'm thinking on slate hearth!

6 - Another one of these floor cushions ( image below ) in purple to sit next the arm chair within the bay window.

7 - I've asked Martin to remove this door and shelve this wall...from top to bottom and up and over the door frame.

I'm planing on painting the shelves in Farrow and Ball Down pipe ( images below ).

8 - Replace concrete based lamp on table with the other NEW lamp ( image below ) Planter needed for Fiddle leaf + the addition of the chair in the last image which was again purchased at the weekend.

Even though all of this is in the pipe line...I bet you, when all of this is done and dusted! 

It will only shine a light on 10 other things that need to be addressed!