Friday, 28 June 2013

Bedroom 2...Before&After...

WOW - I'd kinda forgotten about this...

The image above is a picture of how the dressing room looked when we purchased 47 Park Avenue!

AND - this image, is a picture of how that very same dressing room looks today! 

Could the 2 be anymore different? 

Just like me and and the beast.

How time fly's...when your supposed to be having FUN! It's no wonder I don't have any friends.

And - another before image...this picture shows you the wall which separated the old en- suite and dressing room, the wall was added by the previous owners as this was originally 1 room the 2nd bedroom!

Same view as before! Wall removed and back to one room...KINDA!

Toilet GONE!!! Can you imagine having this in the bedroom.  

NO THNAKS! Not - while I'm trying to sleep!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bedroom 3...Before&Afters...

This room is still very much WORK IN PROGRESS!

Although - After seeing the NEW additions within my dressing room Jonathan informs me...

"You cant fit anymore SHIT in ere"

To which I reply...



GOOGLE READER...will no longer be available after the 1st of July!

SO - If my miss use of grammar, terrible spelling and shocking photography hasn't put you off!

 You can now follow the renovation of 47ParkAvenue here @ bloglovin  THANK YOU!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Reception 1...Before&Afters...

My mother LOVED this house before I apparently wrecked it...

"It was SO - homely and cosy"

At least I now know what kind of nursing home to stick her in when she starts wearing nappy's again! 


Just look at the mess Ive made so far...AND - as this is very much work in progress its going to be an even bigger mess when Im done!

It just needs MORE,  LOTS MORE...of everything! 

To be honest...I do like a little bit of chintz, if you follow me on FACEBOOK you'll what I mean, BUT - this kinda chintz doesn't do it for me...thats why it had to go.

I think you call it, GRANNY ATTIC CHIC!

I know this doesn't look too HOT at the moment, SO - I'm going to reupholster both chairs and even though I LOVE this lamp, I'm planing on changing it to something bigger!!!


What am I going to do with that SATAN box? 

Why cant the company's that make these hideous things have colour options when it comes to the screen? 

A black screen for dark walls and a white screen for those of us the have white.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bedroom 2...

We decided to collect the mirrors for the en-suite ourselves instead of having them delivered as originally planned...

Only because I wanted to visit a neighbouring store as they sell some gardening stuff and as I'm now on a mission to find pots LARGE enough for my Fiddle leaf fig trees, it seemed like a good idea.

And - can you believe it!!! We drove all that way and I came away empty handed.

Thats the 1st time I've walked outa that store without a bag or 2!

Anyway - Ikea is also just around the corner and we had 45mins to get around there before it closed to sniff out some pots!

( I could score bath salts quicker than all of this SHIZ!!! ) like landing on the moon for me, one giant leap!

 I HATE it! It makes me proper CRAY.

SO - We side track the showroom and bum rush the so called market area! 

Where I find hanging from the celling...a black and white patterned rug, SO - I'm reading the swing ticket, its 200cm by 200cm its located on shelve 85 and it's ONLY £55!!!

We pick up the rug form shelve 85 and head to the gardening section...And - NO POTS BIG ENOUGH!!! AAAaaaRRRrrrGGGGggggHHhhhh....when will this all end?

Martin has just finished hanging the mirrors, SO - I though it a good idea to unwrap the rug, roll out and let it breath!

AND - to my surprise! 

The black and white square rug with the brightly coloured boarder that I thought we purchased...

Turns out to be JUST black and white, rectangular in shape and twice the size!  


I didn't even want the rug...I got sucked in by its cheapness! 

The joy that is shopping at IKEA.

Anyway - Adding the mirrors and the rug to the en-suite have made me realise that I do need to add texture to the wall behind the basins and pattern to the floor. 

Just when you think your moving in the right direction, BAM!!! 2 more things you need to add to your  todo list!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Bedroom 3...

Ok! So - I'm only using 3 of the 4 mirrors that Ive had delivered, 4 was just too much! 

Each mirror is smoked and stands 200cm tall and 30cm wide.

Its amazing what adding a mirror can do to a room! 

The same cant be said for what it can do to yourself confidence...

As, on the day of there arrival...I had plans to meet up with friends for dinner that evening and when getting ready, I accidentally caught sight of my backside...

Not - only was it like watching some 2nd rate TWERKING video!

It was also like looking at 2 plastic bags full of rice pudding! ( a quote from a freind of mine )

AND - is that another FIDDLE LEAF FIG???

Yes it is!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Reception 1...

I ended up having a HUGE DRAMA with the courier company yesterday! 

BUT - I did eventually receive my mirrors and they made it up North in one piece, which is a good thing as my head was in bits...

I didn't realise how GHETTO I am!!!

Anyway - The mirrors are 100cm in diamamter and have a cast iron frame with antique mirror inserts, they only just fit.

Ignore the SATAN box! Hate them...they is TOO UGLY! 

There is still SO much I want to do to this room, I haven't really got started on it yet.

AND - is that a FIDDLE LEAF FIG???

I think it is!!! 

AND - for those of you who use GOOGLE READER...his will no longer be available after the 1st of July!

SO - If my miss use of grammar, terrible spelling and shocking photography hasn't put you off!

 You can now follow the renovation of 47ParkAvenue here @ bloglovin  THANK YOU!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bedroom 2...

So - Ive just counted a grand total of 8 mirrors purchased over the last 2 days!


I cant stand to see my decaying face and body, throughout my working life my eyes have been trained to look for the imperfections within - having 8 mirrors in the house is going to be HELL!

I cant mark my face and body up and send it off for 20 grands worth of retouching...CAN I???

Anyway...I finally got around to buying 2 of these mirrors in the above image for the en suite. 

Adding both mirrors to the en suite will change things up little, BUT - this with all other rooms within this still far from finished!

I'm still looking at adding texture to the wall behind the basins, maybe a concrete wall paper? Maybe not?

Maybe a patterned ceramic tiled rug under the bath? Maybe not?


I may just give it all up! Sit in a dark room never to see the light of day again when these mirrors turn up! And - when I'm reminded of what I actually look like. 

( Sloth from The Goonies )

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bedroom 3...

I've also been LOVING/STALKING these mirrors daily, which are again located in London!

And - again...I haven't got around to doing anything about it until now. 

Ive defiantly killed that bird with 3 stones now, BUT - it make sense to me to fill the couriers van while I can.

Ive been on the hunt for a HUGE retro mirror to sit in between the window frame and shelve in my dressing room, BUT - have been restricted by a measurement of 100cm wide...

These mirrors are just the right height at 200cm + I can use 4 across within my size restraints...not only that you can also use them to hang stuff on them.