Thursday, 30 May 2013


Ok...So - I've just had a meet to run thought the ideas we have for the kitchen extension we are planning on adding to the back of the house! I have another meet this Fri.

Mood/inspirational images for the kitchen extension from


I started a 47 Park Avenue Facebook page some months back, which...I update daily.

I use it to brain dump ideas/images!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Scented Candles...

I'm also working with another one of our ( TALENTED ) neighbours, Victoria who also lives around the corner makes the most AMAZING range of handmade scented soya wax candles.

I'm currently working with Victoria on our very own exclusive range of candles.

Our range of handmade scented soya wax candles will also be available soon @ 


Ive been on the hunt for some great geometric cushions for some time now and couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon Gillian who lives around the corner, Gillian makes traditional quilts and cushions to order.

I contacted Gillian to see if I could use her traditional quilt making skills to make some black and white geometric cushions with a contrasting trim.

After I overload Gillian's inbox with visual ref of the kind of thing I was looking for...Gillian give in to my requests and has just dropped off these!!! 

They're even better than I could have imagined...SO - Happy with the way they have turned out!!! 

We also have 2 other designs on the way which will be apart of this range + plans of a floral range using the same designs.

Gillian's hand made quilted cushions will be available online soon @

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Home Office...

NEW home office chair.

Not only does it look great...its surprisingly very comfortable! Which I say is a WIN!!! WIN!!!

I LOVE this chair SO...much!

I have another 4! Which will be for sale very soon @

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Reception 1...

We've just picked up another 2 other pieces of artwork. Both pieces are by artists very local to the area.

I LOVE this piece SO much...I contacted the artist and arranged a meet so - that I could inform her of what we are doing here at 

Helen's artwork will be available to buy online @ 

Helen cuts and folds paper into different size bufferfly's...for a piece this size that process takes 3 full days, Helen then stitches with a needle and thread each butterfly onto paper!

Helen is in the process of making 2 pieces for the site that measure 100cmx100cm! 


Reception 1...

I've only just got around to taking pictures of this table a chairs which came from out of reception 2 to make way for the pink sofa, I've moved table a chairs into the bay window of reception 1.

I have plans to reupholster both chairs, but - only when I'm happy with where they end up living! 

Concrete based lamps will be available to buy @ 

Gillian's hand made quilted chevron cushions will also be available to buy @

Monday, 20 May 2013


I thought it was about time I answered your questions with regards to what we call...

HELLS kitchen!

The kitchen is located at the back of the house just off reception 3.

Oh...the shame of it! I'm in AA admitting I have a drink problem for the 1st time!

Hello, my name is Michael...I have a kitchen problem!

Anyway - Coming though the door from reception 3 and straight on the left is the pantry.

My plan is to turn this into utility room.

I also want to remove the wall and the alcove from the left hand side of this image, SO - that we can extend outwards into the coal shed, wash room and outside toilet.

This is the back of the house, still in its original layout! 

OK - To the right of this image is the door into the kitchen and wall I want to remove, the door to the left to this is the coal shed, left to the coal shed with the door open is the wash room, left again is the outside toilet.

All of this I want taking down to become apart of the kitchen.

Images below are Mood/inspiration for the kitchen.

The image above is what I would LOVE the back of the house to look like! By extending outwards and to the side, having two sets of folding glass industrial doors...with canopies.

Love the kitchen, beams, exposed brick and concrete floor.

Jonathan was out over the weekend with tape measure and graph paper plotting it all out!