Thursday 20 June 2013

Bedroom 2...

So - Ive just counted a grand total of 8 mirrors purchased over the last 2 days!


I cant stand to see my decaying face and body, throughout my working life my eyes have been trained to look for the imperfections within - having 8 mirrors in the house is going to be HELL!

I cant mark my face and body up and send it off for 20 grands worth of retouching...CAN I???

Anyway...I finally got around to buying 2 of these mirrors in the above image for the en suite. 

Adding both mirrors to the en suite will change things up little, BUT - this with all other rooms within this still far from finished!

I'm still looking at adding texture to the wall behind the basins, maybe a concrete wall paper? Maybe not?

Maybe a patterned ceramic tiled rug under the bath? Maybe not?


I may just give it all up! Sit in a dark room never to see the light of day again when these mirrors turn up! And - when I'm reminded of what I actually look like. 

( Sloth from The Goonies )