Friday 21 June 2013

Reception 1...

I ended up having a HUGE DRAMA with the courier company yesterday! 

BUT - I did eventually receive my mirrors and they made it up North in one piece, which is a good thing as my head was in bits...

I didn't realise how GHETTO I am!!!

Anyway - The mirrors are 100cm in diamamter and have a cast iron frame with antique mirror inserts, they only just fit.

Ignore the SATAN box! Hate them...they is TOO UGLY! 

There is still SO much I want to do to this room, I haven't really got started on it yet.

AND - is that a FIDDLE LEAF FIG???

I think it is!!! 

AND - for those of you who use GOOGLE READER...his will no longer be available after the 1st of July!

SO - If my miss use of grammar, terrible spelling and shocking photography hasn't put you off!

 You can now follow the renovation of 47ParkAvenue here @ bloglovin  THANK YOU!