Tuesday 25 June 2013

Bedroom 2...

We decided to collect the mirrors for the en-suite ourselves instead of having them delivered as originally planned...

Only because I wanted to visit a neighbouring store as they sell some gardening stuff and as I'm now on a mission to find pots LARGE enough for my Fiddle leaf fig trees, it seemed like a good idea.

And - can you believe it!!! We drove all that way and I came away empty handed.

Thats the 1st time I've walked outa that store without a bag or 2!

Anyway - Ikea is also just around the corner and we had 45mins to get around there before it closed to sniff out some pots!

( I could score bath salts quicker than all of this SHIZ!!! ) 

Ikea...is like landing on the moon for me, one giant leap!

 I HATE it! It makes me proper CRAY.

SO - We side track the showroom and bum rush the so called market area! 

Where I find hanging from the celling...a black and white patterned rug, SO - I'm reading the swing ticket, its 200cm by 200cm its located on shelve 85 and it's ONLY £55!!!

We pick up the rug form shelve 85 and head to the gardening section...And - NO POTS BIG ENOUGH!!! AAAaaaRRRrrrGGGGggggHHhhhh....when will this all end?

Martin has just finished hanging the mirrors, SO - I though it a good idea to unwrap the rug, roll out and let it breath!

AND - to my surprise! 

The black and white square rug with the brightly coloured boarder that I thought we purchased...

Turns out to be JUST black and white, rectangular in shape and twice the size!  


I didn't even want the rug...I got sucked in by its cheapness! 

The joy that is shopping at IKEA.

Anyway - Adding the mirrors and the rug to the en-suite have made me realise that I do need to add texture to the wall behind the basins and pattern to the floor. 

Just when you think your moving in the right direction, BAM!!! 2 more things you need to add to your  todo list!