Friday 28 June 2013

Bedroom 2...Before&After...

WOW - I'd kinda forgotten about this...

The image above is a picture of how the dressing room looked when we purchased 47 Park Avenue!

AND - this image, is a picture of how that very same dressing room looks today! 

Could the 2 be anymore different? 

Just like me and and the beast.

How time fly's...when your supposed to be having FUN! It's no wonder I don't have any friends.

And - another before image...this picture shows you the wall which separated the old en- suite and dressing room, the wall was added by the previous owners as this was originally 1 room the 2nd bedroom!

Same view as before! Wall removed and back to one room...KINDA!

Toilet GONE!!! Can you imagine having this in the bedroom.  

NO THNAKS! Not - while I'm trying to sleep!