Tuesday 18 June 2013

Reception 1...

I saw this pair of mirrors the other week and have been stalking them daily, But - haven't got around to doing anything about it. 

1 - TOO busy. 2 - They're in London. 3 - Just too LAZY!!!

( Another...BUT! but a big one...)

BUT - The 2 Fiddle leaf Fig trees that I ordered from Holland have just touched down in London and need collecting ASAP.

SO - I'm planning on killing 2 birds with one stone. 

I'm going to be selling my FABULOUS wheat sheaf wall lights online @ www.47parkavenue.co.uk

( Launching very soon! )

And - The reason Ive decided to sell them, is because of this image below...

Mood/Inspirational image from one of our location houses @ www.shootfactory.co.uk