Wednesday 26 June 2013

Reception 1...Before&Afters...

My mother LOVED this house before I apparently wrecked it...

"It was SO - homely and cosy"

At least I now know what kind of nursing home to stick her in when she starts wearing nappy's again! 


Just look at the mess Ive made so far...AND - as this is very much work in progress its going to be an even bigger mess when Im done!

It just needs MORE,  LOTS MORE...of everything! 

To be honest...I do like a little bit of chintz, if you follow me on FACEBOOK you'll what I mean, BUT - this kinda chintz doesn't do it for me...thats why it had to go.

I think you call it, GRANNY ATTIC CHIC!

I know this doesn't look too HOT at the moment, SO - I'm going to reupholster both chairs and even though I LOVE this lamp, I'm planing on changing it to something bigger!!!


What am I going to do with that SATAN box? 

Why cant the company's that make these hideous things have colour options when it comes to the screen? 

A black screen for dark walls and a white screen for those of us the have white.